Worn Stockings or Socks


Stockings or socks worn for one day. Additional options are available (extra days worn, photos wearing socks or stockings, etc.).

Worn Stockings or Socks Options

Extra Days Stockings or Socks are Worn

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I will wear the stockings, hose, or socks for one day (split into two twelve hour periods since I can’t sleep with anything on my feet) and send it to you (extra days are $10 per day).

If you want a pair of stockings, hose, or socks provided by me I will need to know what type (thigh high, knee high, panty hose, ankle cut socks, etc.) and what color you prefer.

If you have a request as to how they are worn (ie wear them at the gym, wear them outside with no shoes on, etc.) then please leave me a note during check out. My home’s flooring is primarily made of tile and I have three pets so the soles will be a bit dirty. If you do not want the soles to be dirty please leave a note during checkout.

If you purchase the photo option I will need to know who to make the autographed photo out to and if you purchase the custom pose photo option I will need to know which poses you would like me in.

If you provide the stockings, hose, or socks please send them to Danielle Delaunay – 3116 S Mill Ave #616 Tempe, AZ, 85282, USA



Required Disclaimer: Item has been properly cleaned.


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